Deps was born in Boise, Idaho. From his crib he gazed at a mobile handcrafted by his graphic designer Dad that bore floating bold black letters in Bodoni and Helvetica fonts. After high school Deps lived in Barra de Navidad, Jalisco for one year where he was impacted by Mexican culture, artesania and typography. These early influences left an indelible mark that shaped his destiny toward art.

Fascinated by rustic hand-painted Mexican signs, Deps intertwined his love for typography, graffiti and mixed media collage to forge an art uniquely his own. His work has shown in Miami, Detroit, New Jersey, Boise, Las Vegas and Brooklyn, where he currently calls home.  His murals and signs can be stumbled upon, in unsuspecting and tucked away corners of Central America, Spain, Mexico, Germany, India, Southeast Asia and Thailand where he also taught English, and a how-to for second graders on the “Graffiti alphabet.” Finding creative and thoughtful ways to translate his art to his surroundings, to the people, and the community around him, the influences of Deps extensive travels and romance with typography are evidenced and incorporated in his work that is constantly emerging anew.

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